Hands Off Halloween! Why we need to defend this holiday!

I was a little disappointed recently to read of several elementary schools in Chicago that were banning Halloween because it wasn’t an ‘inclusive’ holiday. According to the Principal of Lincoln Elementary School: “Our goal at Lincoln is to provide space and opportunities for all students to be part of the community — not to create … Read more

The Muppets and Mahna Mahna – the Untold Story!

This is a story that’s never been told. It’s about the tragedy that followed one transcendent moment of triumph. It concerns a true entertainment icon – the Muppet known to millions as Mahna Mahna. Until now, no one dared breath a word of this story. Maybe they feared for their careers. Perhaps they wanted to protect … Read more

How To Survive A Crowdfunding Campaign


We’ve all heard the stories of people who make so much from their crowdfunding campaign, they get to quit their proper job. Most of us aren’t that lucky. I’ve only had three proper jobs my whole life. I worked in a bookshop for a year. I was as a journalist for a decade, and I … Read more