Quiet Places

Quiet Places -- cover

Published on
23 Sept 2017

Crystal Lake Publishing



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Paperback & Kindle

In the quiet of the forest, the darkest fears are born.

The people of Dunballan harbour a dark secret. A secret more terrible than the Beast that stalks the dense forests of Dunballan. A secret that holds David McCavendish, last in a long line of Lairds, in its unbreakable grip.

It’s down to Sally, David’s lover, to free David from the sinister clutches of the Beast. But, with the whole town against her, she must ally herself with an ancient woodland force and trace Dunballan’s secret back to its bitter origins. Those origins lie within the McCavendish family history, and a blasphemous heresy that stretches back to the beginning of time. Some truths are too terrible to face, and the darkest of these lie waiting for Sally, in the Quiet Places.

Quiet Places is folk horror at its most cosmic and terrifying. Blending folklore with psychological terror, it contains stories within stories, each one leading to revelations more unsettling than the last. Revelations that will change the way you view your place in the cosmos, and haunt you, relentlessly, long after you have put down this book.

"A heady mix of folk horror and the psychological, of religious yearning and the uncannily atavistic, this compelling novella carries us through the darkest occult secrets to a cosmic revelation that may haunt your dreams."

Ramsey Campbell