Bed of Crimson Joy

Bed of Crimson Joy – book cover

Published on
1st July 2016

KnightWatch Press

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Rose and Stanley are an elderly couple, the sort of neighbours you’d trust to feed your cat and water your plants while you’re away. Not the sort of people you’d imagine rutting like animals on your freshly laundered sheets the minute you’ve gone.

Was it the bed that seduced them? The ornate four poster bed, with the intricate carvings and erotic tapestries, that appeared out of nowhere in Peter and Bethany’s spare room. The bed that keeps reappearing, no matter how many times it’s dismantled and taken away.

Is the bed linked to a dark secret from Peter and Bethany’s past? Is that why it’s haunting them? And what effect has all this had on poor Rose, stricken with the strangest malady since her frenzied tryst with Stanley?

At turns eerie, unsettling and poetic, Bed of Crimson Joy is one of the most dark and deeply disturbing erotic horror stories you’ll ever read.