Zero Signal reviews Stuck On You and Other Prime Cuts

Just saw this from the jovial Jim Dodge over on Zero Signal Magazine:

Always a treat, the stories of Jasper Bark are messy, disturbing looks into the mind of a deranged subject of Her Royal Majesty’s United Kingdom. Twisted (definitely), gory (when the situation calls for it) and unbelievably memorable (stock up on Xanax and light bulbs), Stuck on You and Other Prime Cutswill surprise and dismay you and yet you’ll want to read this one from beginning to end without any breaks for oxygen or psychiatric therapy. As you delve our way into the mind of this (mad bastard) literary genius you’ll discover that Jasper isn’t someone dimensional writer with nothing to say. He is, in fact, a fan/student of the earlier masters like H.P. Lovecraft and Robert Bloch. With the books of Mr. Bark you get a few guarantees. You’re guaranteed to enjoy the horror, the sheer terror of his work. You’re guaranteed to want to read it more than once. You’re also guaranteed to be so disgusted at times that you’re tempted to keep a wastebasket handy to catch any stray vomit that may spew forth from your mouth so your reading isn’t interrupted by trips to the bathroom …

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