Look Out For Stuck On You and Other Prime Cuts

The delightful James Everington just wrote me a lovely plug:

“It’s safe to say that Jasper Bark occupies a unique position amongst British horror writers; his work is by turns scary, funny and gleefully taboo-breaking. Stuck On You And Other Prime Cuts is a collection of Bark’s short fiction, giving the reader ten peeks into his uniquely twisted view of the world. The collection begins with the title story (an erotic-horror novella which you won’t forget in a hurry) and before it ends it encompasses an economist in Hell, sentient blood creatures, Shakespearian lust and love, and a frankly disgusting story about a urinal. There’s sex and violence aplenty here, but Bark has the writing chops to ensure that whilst it’s never pointless it’s never the_whole_ point, either. Behind the gleeful mayhem there’s the work of an old school horror writer here; Bark can do chilling as well as bloody (a story like the fantastic How The Dark Bleeds, included here, being proof of that). In the end, we’re not excited about this book due to the X-rated stuff, but because it’s by a talented horror writer at the top of his game …”

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