Where the ***k have you been?

I must apologise to anyone who’s checked this blog out over the last few months and found an empty cyber desert devoid of any posts. Writing a regular blog for a full time writer is a bit of a busman’s holiday. So I’m afraid I’ve shied away from putting anything up here. However I’m now … Read more

Check Me Out …

I wrote a guest blog about Zombies, the credit crunch and my new novel on the FP blog recently. Thanks to Joe Gordon for that. You can read it here I would also urge you to download the latest issue of Mass Movement Magazine. Not only does it have an in depth interview with me, … Read more


I’m currently working with Simon R Green (best selling novelist) and Stephen Volk (BAFTA winning screenwriter) on a short story writing workshop – and in case you’re wondering, yes that was a blatant attempt to lure you in from Google by name dropping. Stay with me though, I’ve got a good point to make. Like … Read more

Over-Drawn of the Dead

The Times recently crowned the zombie the new mascot of the economic global recession. With a slate of zombie movies from Zombieland to Breathers – A Zombie’s Lament poised to tear through our multiplexes and a host of books like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies clawing their way up the best seller lists, it’s not … Read more